Indoor Dining Could Return Soon, as San Bernardino County on Track for Red Tier

Indoor Dining Could Return Soon, as San Bernardino County on Track for Red Tier

San Bernardino County is currently on pace to reach the red tier in a matter of weeks, according to county officials who say the number of vaccinations are rising and the number of COVID-19 cases are falling.

Hundreds of people who received their first dose of vaccinations last month were back for a second round at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Tuesday.

“The stress has gone down a lot,” said Nick Pankiewicz, one of the locals getting his second shot at the location. “Everybody is very nice and courteous, and it’s going really really well.”

Some, like Cora Gilbertson, are beginning to think about the possibilities.

“We can spend more time with family and some friends and maybe go out and get something to eat,” said Gilberson, who received her second dose of the vaccine Tuesday.

Eating out could soon also mean eating inside a restaurant, something that hasn’t been an option in San Bernardino County for months.

“We are now below the seven cases per 100,000, so we are moving toward the red tier for reopening status,” said San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford. “Our positivity rate has inched below 5%, which is incredible.”

Rutherford says San Bernardino is on track to move from the purple tier into the less-restrictive red tier by the week of March 22.

Said Rutherford, “That means we are going to be able to reopen for indoor dining gyms will have some indoor activities–A lot of the economies will be able to get back moving. And our schools are going to move toward reopening.”

Alta Loma School District in Rancho Cucamonga already began hybrid classes this week for its elementary schools. Rutherford says if the COVID-19 case numbers keep trending down, more schools will also be back in class.

“I think from seventh grade up we will start opening up from April forward in a lot of districts,” Rutherford said.

But the supervisor said for the county to stay on track, people need to keep getting tested for COVID-19 to meet state testing requirements and she says if you are eligible to get a vaccination, get it to help end the pandemic as soon as possible.

“I’m excited,” said jeremy chamberlain, a resident who was getting vaccinated Tuesday. “We’re almost there.”

Even if you have two shots, health officials say you should still wear a mask in public, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing.

By Tony Shin 
Published March 2, 2021  Updated on March 2, 2021 at 6:03 pm


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